Formula Gravity Racer Kit 710-001

Formula Gravity Racer Kit

Formula Gravity Racer Kit


Formula Gravity, available exclusively through Technology Supplies Ltd, is a fantastic, totally green engineering project aimed to inspire students and teachers in the fields of engineering and motorsport.

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Find out more about the Formula Gravity project and what it can help our students achieve in our Formula Gravity Hub.

A team of students design and build their own gravity racer, which as the name suggests, has no engine so is the ultimate in ‘green’ racing. The team decides how they run the project, incorporating aspects such as the planning, design, materials, research, events and PR. There are a number of events which teams can enter and there is a National Technical Specification that all UK racers must be built to enter most events in the UK.

With Formula Gravity, we are helping to inspire and train this generation with a fuel free racing environment to help tackle the ‘green’ issues of today.

What can Formula Gravity do?

• Increase the number of students choosing engineering, science and technology subjects, apprenticeships and courses
• Raise young people’s creativity, expectations and aspirations
• Develop key skills
• Facilitate greater school to business interaction
• Enrich curricula
• Improve achievement

Download further information the advantages of the Formula Gravity project from the 'Reosurces' tab.

We are working with a broad spectrum of education, from universities to middle schools with the project highlighting engineering in schools and colleges with particular emphasis on the automotive industry.

The project is handed over to schools as a whole school task, from the fund raising and power point presentations to the design, build and race. Students can be involved as much or as little as they like giving an overall experience of running a race team. All aspects of an engineering project can be done by the school.

Get involved with Formula Gravity and inspire your students to become the engineers of tomorrow.

What's in the kit?
1 Spaceframe

1 Steering column
1 Plastic Steering column mount
2 Steering arms
1 Steering Handle + nut

2 Suspension support bars front
2 Suspension support bars rear.
8 Suspension parts cast alloy (We weld on the back uprights)
2 Back uprights

4 wheels 20 inch. 48 spoke black anodised hub. 30mm axel
1 10mm retaining bolt
4 Tyres
4 Inner tubes
4 Wheel rubber inner spoke covers
4 10mm wheel bolts long

1 Set Brakes (Two in a set)
2 Brake cables Inner
4 Brake cable ends
1 Dual Brake lever
1 Speedo
2 Steering wheel grips

6 left hands Rod ends 10mm
23 Right hand rod ends
23 Lock nuts

1 Seat + seat nuts bolts

1 Aluminium sheet for floor
30 Nuts bolts washers 10mm

1 Seat belts 3 point red
2 Karabiners to fix seat belt to side of vehicle

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