3D Printed Food - The Future Kitchen of Choice


Are you bored of the shape of a chocolate bar? If you are, then you will be pleased to know that 3D Systems have unveiled a 3D Printer that can print real chocolate.

The Chefjet and Chefjet Pro have been developed to produce not only chocolaty creations, but also sugar-based objects, infused with various other flavours including vanilla, cherry and mint. The 3D Printers are deemed “food-safe”, and therefore pose questions around the future of culinary production, particularly for businesses who really on the decorations and creative nature of their products, such as bakeries. The Chefjet and Chefjet Pro are capable of producing designs and shapes that would be difficult to create using traditional methods, so the products certainly carry potential for those people of are keen to flaunt their design skills into their production of food.

It is widely known that 3D Printing has a growing number of uses, chief among which is rapid prototyping using plastic filament. The Chefjet range is a living, breathing example of the extension beyond simple prototyping, where the 3D Printing process can be used to build complete objects with an end purpose.

With an estimated launch cost for the basic version (Chefjet) of £3,000, it would appear that the technology is not at a stage to be available in everyone’s kitchen. However, with dramatic decrease in plastic filament 3D Printer prices over the last 12 months with the introduction of the Cube (£1,138) and UP! Mini (£840), the dream may not be quite as far off as we think.

As 3D Printers are developed to print a wider range of materials, so we see an increase in the possibilities for 3D Printing. What materials would like to see coming out of 3D Printers to satisfy your everyday needs? 



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