3D Printed objects at home


The opportunities for 3D printing at home are ever growing, particularly as more and more designs are been available across the internet. The limitation of materials available to print is proving to be not as significant as we originally thought. Read on to find a little bit more about our favourites:


A new world inside the wardrobe:

“I recently decided to build fitted wardrobes in the spare bedroom, in an attempt to maximise the limited storage space I have in my house. Making the timber frame was relatively simple once I was satisfied with my measurements, but the tricky part was making the interior elements for the wardrobe.

Although wardrobe fittings are available to buy, I was adamant that I wanted to build as much of the wardrobe as possible from raw materials. With the exception of hinges and rails (where strength was pretty imperative), I’m pleased to say that I stuck to my challenge! The most interesting piece, and new to me, was the 3D printed rail fixings. My neighbour has had a 3D printer for the last six months, and is always looking for new things to make, so he joined my challenge to see where the 3D printer could help. Using simple design software (SketchUp I think), he cobbled together a design for the rail fixing. A great achievement as far I was concerned!

Two versions later, after some slight modifications, we had two printed parts that were capable of supported the required weight of the rail and attached clothes! Although some of the smallest parts of the fitted wardrobe, the fact that they were designed and printed from scratch makes them the most successful part of the challenge.”

Rob, from My shed, Hull


Return of the washing machine

“I’d managed to snap the door latch off the washing machine, so set out to create a replacement. Based on the original (at least, the remainders of the original), I designed my latch in Cubify Invent, ready to print out on my Cube 3D printer.

The first effort turned out to have too little flex in it, so with some adjustments to the infill, I got a model that was tough enough to withstand the force of the closing door, but flexible enough for the latch to take the door. Another successful day with Cube, and washing machine back in action.”

James,   Hatfield.


Do you have any designs that you’re proud of? Share them with us and we may feature them in one of our Showcases!


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