Bigshot Camera Kit has arrived!


Ever had the urge to build your own camera? Well now you can! The Bigshot Camera Kit provides a simple way to put together your own digital camera with some fantastic features.

Aimed at anyone between the ages of 8 and 108, the Bigshot is perfect because it is so simple use. Compared with other camera kits on the market, we have found the Bigshot to be the most impressive in terms of what’s in the box, as well as how the completed device performs.

Complete with detailed instructions, the Bigshot comes with everything you need to put the kit together… even a screwdriver! With a helpful instruction manual, you will not only be led through the construction process, but you will also be able to learn about the different elements of the device as you’re putting them together.

The completed product certainly doesn’t fail to impress. The Bigshot boasts a surprising number of features for a camera kit, such as a 1.4” display, a timer functions, an LED flash, USB connectivity, a wide angle lens, and a 3D mode. In true kit style, you’ll also need to attach the hand crank as part of the assembly, so when your battery is running low, simply give the handle a few winds, and you’re back in action.

The Bigshot camera kit is a welcome arrival into the world of electronics kits, giving insight into the construction of an everyday device. What other electronics kits would you like to build?


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