Parrot Mini Drone Class Bundle with Net 600-061

Parrot Mini Drone Class Bundle with Net

Parrot Mini Drone Class Bundle with Net


Class pack contains 1 Parrot Mambo Mini Drone, 4 battery & charger packs and 1 drone net cage (3x3x3m)

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The world of programming has never been more exciting! Drone technology will ensure your students are kept engaged, continuously developing their skills in coding and continue to think innovatively.

Parrot drones turn coding into fun, enabling students to program the drones to create and control its activity; from grabbing items and obstacle courses to remapping and data analysis. Compatible with a range of software options such as Tynker (iOS, Android & Chromebook) and Free Flight (iOS, Android) Parrot drones will easily pair with your phone or tablet (iOS, Android) for easy programming and application in your school.

Parrot Minidrones are ultra-compact and easy-to-pilot drones you control with a smartphone or tablet via bluetooth. Affordable and great for all ages.

The Parrot Mambo minidrone is full of surprises! Whether you equip it with the Cannon or the Grabber, it'll engage your students by turning the sky into an amazing playground.

A 3x3x3m Drone cage is included to ensure optimum safety when flying indoors.

Drons cage comprises of cage frame, connectors, drone net and twine.

Cage manufactured from strong 34mm OD powder coated steel.

Welded steel corner connectors connected with grub screws for securing framework together.

Fully enclosed drone net has front opening panel and simply drapes over framework. Cage required self-assembly but is simple to assemble and take down.

Drone net is manufactured from 1mm OD twisted HDPE with a 28mm knotted mesh size.

250g spool of net twine manufactured from 4mm OD braided HDPE for tensioning net.

Cage, net and twine colour = black

Other sizes available on request - simply contact us with your requirements

Bundle contains:

1 x Parrot Mambo Mini Drone
4 x battery, charger and USB
1 x drone cage net (3x3x3m)

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