CEL RoboxDual 3D Printer 186-386

CEL RoboxDual 3D Printer

CEL RoboxDual 3D Printer


RoboxDual is an update to the original Robox 3D printer and includes a Dual Material Head, 2 extruders and the ability to print in 2 materials at once.

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The best thing about dual material printing is the ability to create parts which were previously difficult or even impossible with a single material printer. By creating a support structure with a material which can peel away or be dissolved from the model easily we can increase the accuracy of overhangs and still remove these supports without damaging the model. A mechanical design engineer can now prototype injection mould designs on their desk without needing to modify the design for ease of printing.


Headlock™ system allows quick change of the printhead with simple one-handed operation and includes automatic head-type recognition plus fully automatic bed levelling system

DualMaterial™ print head is included as standard with RoboxDual and can print with two different materials or colours. Compatible with the HeadLock system and features Robox's needle-valve flow control.

QuickFill™ Dual nozzle system for faster prints and compatible with the HeadLock system features a detailed perimeter nozzle and a fast infill nozzle.

SmartExtruder™ Dual extruders for two different print materials featuring fully-automatic material loading/unloading, SurePrint™ system for trouble-free prints and dual pinch-wheel feed system for high flow rates.

AutoMaker™ Intuitive easy-to-use interface with 3 steps to print with real-time printing status and feedback. There is support for pause and resume of jobs, multiple printers, models support generation, multiple file formats and Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

SmartReel™ Provides fully automatic material recognition using a rewriteable EEPROM which stores material data. Re-useable/re-programmable spools for custom material profiles.

ThermoSurface™ Heated bed with fast heat up time and offers excellent adhesion for a wide range of materials with no additional tapes or adhesives required. Printed parts are easily removed adn the bed can heat to 150°C

SafeLock™ Fully enclosed build area to reduce shrinkage complete with a locking door for safety during printing.

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