Scrollsaws come with a wide variety of features and price tags. It is a major investment so it is worth taking some time to consider, and ensure the right purchasing decision is made for the budget available and for the long term investment.


What are the different blade clamps for?

0.5 mm clamps are used for saw blades smaller than grade No.5, 0.7 mm clamps are our standard clamp and will accept all blades from grade No.1 through No.16 as well as machine coping blades, 1.0 mm clamps are for blades size grade No.9 and larger. 


Which blades are suitable for specific materials?

Almost any job you do can be performed with a variety of blades. Coarser blades will generally cut faster and longer, finer blades will produce fine detail and smoother edges. Our suggestion: try different sizes, then use the largest blade that gives you satisfactory detail and finish for your particular project. That way, you get the results you need while maintaining maximum sawing speed and blade life. If you require fine detail on thick work it is possible to cut some thicker materials with fine blades. Only experimentation will give you the definitive answer for your use. When cutting thin material, always ensure that whatever blade you select for your job, two blade teeth should always be in contact with the material. Steer clear of selecting fine blades when cutting fine grained timbers (such as fruit wood, beech, etc.) if you do not - you may find the blade will burn the timber. You will find that you can get a very fine finish on such timbers by selecting quite coarse blades. 


What accessories are available for my machine?

Machine stand, footswitch, hold down arm and guard, quick blade clamp for pierce work, as well as full range of spare parts.


What throat size do I need?

The distance between the table and the arm of the saw at its lowest point determines how thick of a project you can cut. Throat depth is measured from the blade to the rear of the saw arm. Unless you use a spiral blade, the project must be able to pivot within the area covered by the saw arm. 


What are the differences between Multicut models?

The Multicut 1 is the entry level Hegner scrollsaw, you can choose between single and variable speed. Moving up to the Multicut 2S increases the stroke length (cutting capability) and throat depth – again available as single or variable speed. The Multicut SE is the same as the 2S but is variable speed as standard and is fitted with a cast Iron table which is precision ground; the Multicut Quick is the saw with the largest throat capacity, featuring a 22" throat with a precision cast iron table.


Why might I need a variable speed scrollsaw?

Variable speed comes into its own when working with thin wood or plastics under 2mm thick and with metals. With thin wood and plastics it is only too easy to cut off part of your design as the machine cuts faster than your eyes can register changes in direction. When working with metals the blades overheat at full speed, even with coolant applied, thus shortening their life. Working with metals is a trade-off between speed of cutting and length of blade life. 700 to 900 strokes per minute are about right for most metals giving you reasonable cutting speed without a great number of blade changes. Variable speed cannot be added to a saw later – it requires a different motor. 


Why choose Hegner Scrollsaws?

Whether you need the power to turn large pieces of wood or the finesse to cut the finest detail, we have a quality, long lived machine for you, the Multicut scrollsaw. We are a company dedicated to the supply of quality machinery and consumables and the machines we offer are built for reliability; it is this reliability that has many Hegner scrollsaws still operating more than 20 years after being purchased. Buying one of these machines is a real investment.

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